The Lockout Laws campaign

Alcohol-related violence and anti-social behaviour was a regular feature in Kings Cross before the “lockout laws” were introduced in 2014. We campaigned for the laws to be introduced and then for laws to be defended.

Some people have attempted to rewrite history, saying the lockout laws were a kneejerk reaction and a “sledgehammer blow” (Sydney’s Lord Mayor Clover Moore, Sky News Australia). In fact the lockouts were a rational response by Government to increasing violence on the streets of Kings Cross and Sydney’s CBD which culminated in five deaths in three years:
– Calum Grant, 2011 (link)
– Wilson Duque Castillo, 2012 (link)
– Thomas Kelly, 2012 (link)
– Daniel Christie, 2013 (link)
– Lucio Rodrigues, 2013 (link)

Video footage of the mean streets of pre-lockouts Kings Cross

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Our Association’s “Lockouts Save Lives” flyer

“Lockouts Save Lives”: 2011 Residents Association flyer distributed before 2015 NSW State government elections and and supporting the lockout laws

2011 Residents Association’s Policies and Motions on the Lockout Laws in Kings Cross

In February 2014 the NSW State Government introduced 1.30am lockouts and 3am cessation of serving alcohol for pubs and clubs (not small bars) in a bid to curb alcohol-related anti-social violence.

The following Motion was passed unanimously, item 3 (viii), 2nd February 2015: “The 2011 Residents’ Association supports the two-year lockout trial and calls on all stakeholders to support the trial which has proven successful in addressing anti-social, alcohol-related violence.”

The following Motion was passed unanimously at our 3rd November 2014 meeting: “The 2011 Residents’ Association Incorporated supports current lockout laws for Kings Cross and recommends that the current trial be allowed to run its full course and be extended. This Association also supports the rejuvenation and redefining of Kings Cross.”

The following political candidates (listed in alphabetical order) for the Seat of Sydney in the NSW State election of the 28 March 2015 expressed their views:
Chris Brentin, The Greens Party: “The Greens oppose blanket lockouts and last drinks for venues in Kings Cross and the Sydney CBD… laws like this punish late night venues that operate responsibly… we have seen late night businesses suffer… everyone deserves a pleasurable night out.” Read more…
Alex Greenwich, Sitting Member: “… it is not clear across the board lockouts improve safety… having impacts on live music venues… I support lockouts imposed on poorly managed venues… a review when BOSCAR data is available… [and] 3am cessation of alcohol service for all venues.” Read more…
Eddie Lloyd, Australian Labor Party: “I can assure you I am an unequivocal supporter of the so-called ‘lock-out laws’ in Kings Cross and the CBD… I was a supporter of the Last Drinks campaign organised by emergency service workers that led the way in campaigning for government action to address alcohol-fuelled violence.” Read more…
Patrice Pandeleos, Liberals: “In January 2014 the NSW government announced a package of measures including liquor licensing restrictions… Parliament was recalled to implement most of the legislative measures… the NSW government has no intention of loosening these arrangements.” Read more…

Interesting Video on the Lockout Laws

“A night out in Kings Cross: what the lockout laws have achieved” (courtesy of The Guardian newspaper, 2015)

2011RA is very concerned with the effects of the excessive consumption of alcohol and the resultant violence and anti-social behaviour on the residential amenity and safety in our area. It supports the NSW Government’s laws of February 2014 as a partial solution.

2011 Residents Association members and supporters are protesting against the proposed relaxation of the State Government’s pub and club lockout laws. In this photo they are seen attending a Wentworth Courier photo shoot and interview on 19 January 2015.

Election Information Flyer on the Lockout Laws

The NSW State Election was on 28 March 2015.

There wasn’t a concise summary of the policies of the main candidates relating to the lockouts which had been so successful in dramatically improving the amenity of our neighbourhood.

So we produced a flyer which would enable residents to make an informed choice on election day and distributed it to residents’ letterboxes.

You can view our flyer here.

For more general information on alcohol-related harm and violence, see here.

Safe Sydney: NSW Elections 2019

Here are the final results in the 2019 NAAPA Election Scorecard – with the responses from the Liberal/National Coalition, Labor and the Greens:

Don’t forget the days of violence before the life-saving measures were introduced

#KeepSydneySafe #nswpol

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