2011 Residents’ Association

Who are we? What do we do?

We are a residents’ action group that advocates for residents and businesses in the 2011 postcode covering Potts Point, Elizabeth Bay, Rushcutters Bay and Woolloomooloo.

We have led and supported campaigns

  • to defend public transport (Save the 311 Bus campaign)
  • to preserve the historic streetscape of the neighbourhood (the 2018 campaign to save the Bourbon Hotel site from redevelopment)
  • to improve public amenity (reopening of Fitzroy Gardens bathroom facility for market patrons, tourists and residents)
  • to support community projects (vegetable and flower gardens, the Kings Cross Dog Show, etc.)

Our members live in the 2011 postcode area and have history here. We have seen our area grow and thrive ever since our Association was founded in 1995, but at times we’ve also seen it challenged. Throughout all, we have maintained our strong advocacy role to protect and improve the safety and amenity for all who live in, work in, and visit the 2011 postcode.

Some of our current campaigns and concerns include:

  • the Minerva Metro Theatre DA
  • noise regulation
  • The Bourbon to the Empire DA

For more details, visit the Our Campaigns page

Neighbourhood Service Centre now open more days

Following the 2011 Residents’ Association’s letter and two face-to-face conversations with the Lord Mayor, Council has now changed the opening days of the Neighbourhood Service Centre, Darlinghurst Road, to FIVE days a week, 10am to 4.30pm (previously it was just two days a week). That’s a big win for everyone in our area!

London plane tree pollen carpets Kings Cross

Pollen and leaves beside the El Alamein Fountain – not swept away for 4 days

In 2021 Council voted not to remove London plane trees from Potts Point and nearby suburbs. The trees remain and clouds of pollen and bundles of leaves continue to fall. Meanwhile, street sweeping, once a daily occurrence, has been reduced to once every 3-4 days. The result? Increased breathing problems for asthma sufferers and a bigger risk of slips and falls for all pedestrians.

Click here to read our letter to the Lord Mayor and Councillors calling for more street sweeping.

No shelter or seats at bus stops

No bus stop shelter in Kings Cross Road, Potts Point (February 2022)

Council has changed its commercial providers for bus stop shelters across the City of Sydney area. Beginning in February 2022 most bus shelters were removed and as of early April most have not yet been replaced. Elderly commuters are standing for 15-20 minutes and are exposed to the elements with no shade available. In addition, the replacement shelters when they arrive have seating for very few and huge video screens.

Click here to read seven questions we sent to the Lord Mayor and Councillors.

Green Park Hotel development application

Green Park Hotel, Darlinghurst
Photo: Clytemnestra (Wikimedia Commons)

A development application for the Green Park Hotel, located at 360 Victoria Street, Darlinghurst, is now on exhibition. The development application is described as follows: “PAN-180646 – Change of use of Green Park Hotel to a medical centre (mental health service) and associated internal alterations” (DA)

Council is accepting submissions until 11 February 2022. To submit your comment, please visit the following page on the City of Sydney website and follow the instructions there: D/2021/1531.

Minerva Theatre (Metro Cinema), Orwell Street, Potts Point threatened with redevelopment

The Minerva Theatre foyer in 1939.
Photo: Sam Hood.

The Minerva Theatre has been a feature of Potts Point and Kings Cross since the 1930s. It has been a cultural hub first for theatre goers and then (renamed as the Metro Cinema) for movie goers.

In recent years it has been used as film studios and then was mostly dormant for some time, but the Minerva/Metro could still be rejuvenated as a living theatre and a focus for the arts in Potts Point and Kings Cross.

Recently a real estate developer has submitted plans to greatly alter the building and make it into a boutique hotel and restaurant. You can see the development application here.

To see the Minerva/Metro developed into a hotel would be a great loss for the whole of Sydney.

You can read 2011 Residents Association submission here.

Noise regulation is changing for the worse

Noise level meter
Photo: Wikimedia Commons

In September 2021 the Association made a submission to the NSW Environmental Protection Authority:

Submission regarding the Draft Noise Guide for Local Government (Environmental Protection Agency)

The Bourbon DA approved

The Bourbon DA was approved unanimously by the members of Central Sydney Planning Committee (CSPC) on 22 July 2021. The Committee consisted of representatives of the Council of the City of Sydney (Lord Mayor Clover Moore, Clr Scully, Clr Thalis) and representatives of the NSW Government.

Before the vote was taken, three members of the 2011 Residents Association committee addressed the CSPC. Here is the transcript of what they said: Address to Central Sydney Planning Commission (CSPC) meeting re The Bourbon DA

The Association is disappointed at this decision. The local community can take heart in that the height and bulk of the plans now approved are less than those in the original DA.

We are now monitoring the development to ensure all the DA conditions are adhered to.

Police and Community Meetings start again

Good news! The next Police and Community Meeting for people who live in Kings Cross, Potts Point, Elizabeth Bay and Woolloomooloo will be held on Wednesday 13 July 2022 at 5.45pm for a 6pm start.

As usual, it will be held on the first floor of the Rex Building (enter via the arcade next to Maggie’s Restaurant and along from Potts Point Post Office, opposite the Fitzroy Gardens).