The Bourbon to the Empire campaign

In 2017 a DA was submitted to Council to redevelop the block running from The Bourbon to the the Empire Hotel (18-32 Darlinghurst Road, Potts Point).

The 2011 Residents Association (with the Concerned Residents group) arranged a public meeting of hundreds of local residents in the Reg Murphy Centre on 18 January 2018 to discuss this DA.

Members of the Association stood in the Fitzroy Gardens every weekend over a four week period asking locals to sign a petition against the plans. Following widespread disquiet from the community, Council did not approve that first DA.

In October 2020 a second DA was submitted by the developer. Our Association campaigned against those revised plans. The DA was waved through by the Central Sydney Planning Commission on 22 July 2021. Nevertheless our campaign achieved a development of less bulk and less height and forced Council to rethink its plans for Darlinghurst Road.

22 July 2021 Address to Central Sydney Planning Commission (CSPC) meeting re The Bourbon DA

October 2020 The Bourbon DA – 2011RA update

18 January 2018 Our Association’s packed public meeting at the Reg Murphy Centre

The first DA (GIVE YEAR)

Stop the destruction of an entire historic Kings Cross block

Kings Cross has been rapidly gentrified over the last few years by greedy developers with no association or connection with this historic precinct. It has long been Sydney’s bohemian area and a haven for creative and/or anyone escaping the conformity and drudgery of suburban living. This latest development application if it proceeds will raze an entire historic block including The infamous Bourbon and The Empire hotel, the old Les Girls from the 60’s until the mid 90’s. In its place will rise a generic, architecturally unimaginative block of 83 ‘luxury’ apartments, over 100 car spaces and provision for 2 greatly reduced licenced premises. Please sign to stop this monstrosity being built.

CLICK HERE to sign the petition to stop the the destruction of The Bourbon block in Kings Cross

2011 Residents Association hits the streets calling on locals to oppose the first Bourbon DA

10 reasons Council should reject DA 2017/1705 (18-32 Darlinghurst Road, Potts Point) as presented to public meeting held at Reg Murphy Centre on 18 January 2018

Click here to read the 10 reasons

The Bourbon-to-Empire Development Application

2011RA has conducted a public campaign to object the proposed development of a whole historic Kings Cross block at 18-32 Darlinghurst Road. In conjunction with Concerned Citizens, 2011RA held a public meeting on 18 January 2018 which was attended by more than 200 residents (see Sydney Morning Herald article “Furious Kings Cross locals call on council to block developer’s Golden Mile building plans”).

Click here to view videos of the speakers and residents at the public meeting.

Public Meeting
about the Proposed Redevelopment of The Bourbon

What is the controversy about the proposed Bourbon development all about?

Click here to view videos of the speakers and residents at the public meeting on 18 January 2018

Good news: DA for The Bourbon withdrawn

We have just been advised that the developer has withdrawn the most unpopular DA for The Bourbon site in Darlinghurst Road.

We thank all the hardworking members of the 2011 Residents Association who volunteered their time over many weeks to encourage local residents to contact Council and oppose this DA and who put in days of work to make the Public Meeting happen (it was a packed house!) at the Reg Murphy Centre on 18 January:

Council announces revised plans for the Macleay Street makeover (March 2020)

In a public meeting held on 11 March 2020 Council announced slightly revised plans for its proposed works in Macleay Street. The plans still are very damaging for Macleay Street and its residents, visitors and small businesses.

Once again we call on residents to make their views known to Council before it is too late. Please also share the following flyer with your friends and colleagues.

Click here to read our flyer on Council’s revised plans and our criticisms of those plans

Save our Kings Cross village: stop the new development plans for The Bourbon

The Bourbon, Darlinghurst Road, Potts Point/Kings Cross – under threat by a second DA

What do we love about our village?

We love a reborn Kings Cross/Potts Point daytime and night-time economy
We love the village vibe with new boutiques, galleries, cafes and tea houses, bakeries, small bars and our very own cheese shop
We love the neighbourly spaces where Macleay Street meets Darlinghurst Road
We love a diverse community that welcomes others to enjoy our village

What will destroy our village?

A new Development Application for The Bourbon, Darlinghurst Road is currently on exhibition. If approved by Sydney City Council, this will mean:

  • 4+ years of constant truck traffic, noise, dust and dirt from deep excavation beside renowned residential and heritage listed buildings
  • 14,000+ truck movements through our narrow local streets. That’s 1 truck every 9 minutes 6 days a week for more than 6 months just for the demolition
  • 8 storey buildings housing 2 large pubs operating 24/7, hotel accommodation and 54 residential apartments on one block
  • Pedestrians, outdoor café and bar patrons will disappear. How will local business survive more than 4 years of loaded trucks and no parking on local streets? Construction mayhem from 7am 6 days a week?
  • Residents and business along the length of Macleay Street, Darlinghurst Road, Roslyn Street, Llankelly Place and the surrounding neighbourhood will face extreme disruption for years. Public pain for private gain?

What will our village look like?

  • No more vibrant neighbourhood with a friendly vibe day and night. In its place are 2 large hotels along with hotel accommodation inside an enormous bulky, bland exterior. Little sunshine on the streets to make outside dining a pleasure
  • No more independent small bars, cafes, restaurants, bakeries and shops. Patrons won’t queue for coffee, eat outside or shop on Macleay Street and Darlinghurst Road during more than 4 years of noise, dust, dirt and traffic congestion. With no direct sunshine and little light, will they return?

Take action now to save our village!

  1. Learn more about the new Development Application for The Bourbon. Go to 
  2. Email in your objection to Sydney City Council at by 20 October 2020. Make sure you quote the DA number: D/2020/916. You should also include your name and address.
    Some suggested points to make (write these in your own words and add your own!):
    – 4+ years of truck movements
    – Endless noise, dust and dirt for residents and businesses
    – One 10 storey building and other buildings of 8 stories
    – Parking will disappear
    – How will local businesses survive?
  3. Write to the Sydney City Council councillors – here are their email addresses: More suggestions for your personal submission:
    – If approved The Bourbon DA will have a “domino effect” in Potts Point: seeing the 10 storey development in The Bourbon and the 20 storeys, developmers will ask Council to approve other high buildings, beyond the current height limits, all the way along Darlinghurst Road.
    – Constant shadowing (rather than sunshine)
    – Displacement of low-cost accommodation (e.g. the residents of the Commodore Hotel will be asked to leave if the The Bourbon DA is approved) For yet more suggestions, see the 2011 Residents Association’s submission re the new DA for The Bourbon (D/2020/916)

22 July 2021: 2011 Residents Association addresses to the Central Sydney Planning Committee


Address to Central Sydney Planning Commission (CSPC) meeting re The Bourbon DA

22 July 2021: Final decision made: Proceed but w smaller height and bulk, etc.