Rushcutters Bay Park campaign

The Reg Bartley Oval in the Rushcutters Bay Park

In 2014 the Council of the City of Sydney announced plans to “upgrade” or replace remove the picket fence around Rushcutters Bay Park’s Reg Bartley Oval and install additional powerful lighting in the Park. The Association wrote letters to Council questioning those plans and asking for further details and more transparency. In the same year the Association wrote to Council about the removal of mangroves from the Park.

Letter to Council re Reg Bartley Oval
Letter to the Wentworth Courier re Reg Bartley Oval
etter to Council re removal of mangroves

In 2016 Woollahra Municipal Council announced plans to build a large skateboard facility (half the size of a basketball court) in the Rushcutters Bay Park and an adjacent ping pong tables. Apart from many trees to be removed for this project, the skateboard facility would affect the usage of the Park by many other user groups. The Park was set aside for the use of everyone. Some used for park for quiet relaxation; others for much less intrusive and noisy sports (football and soccer). The Park was also used children playing in a children’s playground.

The Association wrote to Woollahra Council about these problems with their plan, suggesting that they locate the skateboard facility in another sporting field, schoolyard or open parkland, and noting that they was already a skateboard park at Bondi Beach, within easy reach of all the Eastern Suburbs. “It is crucial to preserve parkland and allocate space for quiet enjoyment rather than activating ever square metre of open space,” the letter concluded.

Submission re Proposed Youth Recreational Facility at Rushcutters Bay Park