Public toilets under Kings Cross Police Station campaign

Over a period of six years, one or more of the three of King Cross’s only public toilets were regularly out-of-order for days and sometimes weeks in a row (once for 55 days in a row!). Finally, in 2018, after a long joint campaign by the 2011 Residents Association and the Save Fitzroy Gardens group, three new toilets were installed.

After six years of neglect by Sydney City Council, the faulty toilets in the Fitzroy Gardens were replaced in 2018 by three brand new toilets. This is a big win for everyone in the Kings Cross community. Thanks to all who contributed to this long struggle: the Save Fitzroy Gardens group, the 2011 Residents Association, and Clr. Craig Chung.
On 4 January 2014 all three toilets were still not working. Three green portaloos had been placed near these out-of-order toilets.. On each toilet door sign there was a sign (see photo above) saying “OUT OF ORDER. The nearest public toilets are located at Beare Park [Elizabeth Bay]”.
14 October 2013: Note the out of order signs on the dark blue doors of the toilets and the row of portaloos sitting in front of the toilets.
On 21 December 2012 Toilet No. 2 broke down and was unusable. It was out of order for 16 days — right throughout the extremely busy Christmas and New Year season (from 21 December 2012 into the first week of January 2013), despite Council having been informed shortly after the problem first occurred.