POST 5 – Cross is unworthy of such protection: letter to the SMH

The following letter by 2011RA member Rebecca Wright was published in the Sydney Morning Herald on the 14th July 2012:

Cross is unworthy of such protection

Police Assistant Commissioner Mark Murdoch’s experience and words of wisdom should be taken very seriously (”Top cop’s grim warning for Kings Cross”, July 13). The most crucial point he makes is that patrons have changed, and in the worst way. They are increasingly more violent and that is not going to change this century.

Is there really anything uniquely Australian – or unique at all – about getting blind drunk, selling, buying and consuming illegal drugs, becoming violent and demonstrating the worst levels of unsociable behaviour possible in Kings Cross, as opposed to anywhere else? What is so culturally precious and sacred about this ugly, seedy district which is so unworthy of the protection and preservation it enjoys by all government? The only difference is that it is the most densely populated area in Australia and the size of a postage stamp.

It is not about more or better policing. Thank god for the local police. They are the only ones who are really in touch with the reality that is Kings Cross. And the problems will certainly not be fixed by simply focusing on getting people home.


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