POST 3 – Garden news surprises: letter to the Wentworth

The following letter from 2011RA President Lucas Crabtree appeared in the Wentworth Courier on the 15th August 2012

Garden plan surprises

Members of the 2011 Resident’s Association were surprised to see the plans for a massively expanded playground in the Fitzroy Gardens (Design by Stealth, Courier, 8th August).
We were delighted, however, that the Council were finally living up to the commitment they gave to renew and refresh the iconic park of Kings Cross which is enclosed by 20th residential apartment buildings.
Our park acts as a formal town square at the nexus of Kings Cross, Potts Point and Elizabeth Bay. The heritage listed Berzins’ design gives pedestrians the choice to enter and exit the park, with multiple access points and levels.
The expanded playground will take up a huge slice of the north east corner of the park and will block pedestrian access to the Community Centre, the Gazebo apartments and a number of restaurants and bars.
We support the refurbishment of the playground, but not the larger expansion.
The Fitzroy Gardens has some key characteristics that we believe must be maintained. It is a town square and a green garden retreat at the heart of an increasingly urbanised postcode. Any refurbishment should be consistent with the vision to retain the heritage landscape that includes the El Alamein Fountain and the geometric layout.
If a larger playground is needed, more suitable sites should be considered. The Lawrence Hargreave Park is ripe for refurbishments.
In the meantime we are still eagerly awaiting the promised ‘refresh and renewal’ of the existing much loved features of the Fitzroy Gardens.


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