Community Garden campaign

Bourke Street Community Garden

The 2011 Residents Association assisted the members of the Bourke Street Community Garden in Woolloomooloo with expanding the garden’s size so that it could add extra features such as a chook run.

Georgina Bathurst in the Bourke Street Community Garden, Woolloomooloo. Georgina the garden coordinator of the community garden.
Photo: Sydney Morning Herald.

The garden continues to grow in popularity with the local community. “The arrival of the chickens played a key role in helping the [Bourke Street Community Garden] flourish during a time when many Sydneysiders would experience loss and hardship. The garden’s membership doubled to more than 50 during the pandemic and more residents took notice of it, which can be easy to miss as it is in an area that is far from peaceful: the garden is under a railway bridge and sits next to the Eastern Distributor.” (source)

“Garden set to grow”
2011 Residents Association letter to Wentworth Courier, 3 December 2015

A Community Garden in Potts Point

In 2014 the 2011 Residents Association started a working group for the development of a community garden in Kings Cross and/or Potts Point.   Potential sites included the Lawrence Hargrave Park and Embarkation Park.

A practical lesson in Landcare

Paul and Violeta of the 2011 Residents Association learning from the Pyrmont Ulitimo Landcare Group

On 12 January 2014 a small group of 2011 Residents’ Association members visited Wentworth Park where we spent an interesting couple of hours being taught (and practising) some basics with the Pyrmont Ultimo Landcare group. Thanks very much to Elizabeth Elenius and the other four volunteers for their warm welcome.

The Association lobbied for the Lawrence Hargrave Reserve and its trees, plants, birds and insects to be protected as a nature reserve.

In 2015 the 2011 Residents Association was approached by the steering committee of the Kings Cross Community Garden with its proposal to establish its garden in a section of the Lawrence Hargrave Reserve. Our Association wished the Kings Cross Community Garden the best for its endeavour.

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